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Amsterdam mix, by Kostas Giannikoulis

My cousin, Kostas, is a DJ and he put together this collection of house mixes inspired by his recent trip to Amsterdam! Even though I don’t usually listen to this kind of music, I think this is pretty cool!

Turn up the volume and get ready for a great Saturay night, no matter what you do!

Madonna concert!

My third attempt to see Madonna live was successful and she didn’t disappoint! Sure, I would have liked a few more of her old songs and I did think the concert ended a bit abruptly, but overall it was quite an impressive show. There goes one more thing off my bucket list! :)

One of the best parts of the concert was when she sang “Nobody knows me” with a very artistic video in the background that puts the spotlight on current world issues, like intolerance, violence, prejudice and discrimination. Using the power of music she got a very strong message across, with the added bonus of a nice creative touch.