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My Instagram: Pink morning sky

pink morning sky

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3rd Amsterdam Photo Walk

Today I joined the Amsterdam Photo Walk for the first time! We went to NDSM Werf, in the north of the city, and it was great fun, despite the snow, the sub-zero temperatures and the aching fingers!

I started off by snapping away with my Nikon D90, but ended up playing with the new toy I bought, the Holga iPhone lens. It’s a rotating disk equipped with 9 special effect lenses and it is addictive! I highly recommend it!

Here are some of the shots I took, which I posted on Instagram.

IMG_8034 IMG_8085 IMG_8086 IMG_8087 IMG_8088 IMG_8098 IMG_8099 IMG_8100 IMG_8112

Find Momo, by Andrew Knapp

Look closely, because Momo, a ‘professional Border Collie’, is in each of these photos!

His owner, Andrew Knapp, a Canadian graphic designer and photographer, realised Momo’s talent for camouflage when he consistently turned a game of fetch into hide and seek.

The result is a lovely series of landscapes, with this adorable dog hiding somewhere in the frame.

Be sure to follow Momo’s adventures on Instagram and look out for the book, which will be coming out soon!















My Instagram: Frozen canal in Bruges


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My instagram: Self portrait

Me, on vacation at one of the most beautiful Greek islands, Folegandros. I don’t think I have felt or looked more calm, ever… Pure bliss.

self portrait Folegandros

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My Instagram: Prinsengracht concert rehearsal

Super excited! This year I got tickets for the Prinsengracht concert! Look out for me on TV! :)

princengracht rehearsal

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My instagram: Rainbow on Kerkstraat

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My instagram: Introducing Blue

The new member in my typewriter family. Isn’t she beautiful?

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My instagram: Catching bubbles

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My instagram: North Sea Jazz 2012

See you again next year! Till then, i’ll be listening to this year’s cool playlist on Spotify!

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Can you spot the social media faux pas? (Illustration: Kyle T. Webster)

Let’s face it. Technology has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. The thought of losing our smartphone creates instant panic, forgetting it at home brings on deprivation symptoms and it is hard to imagine how life would be without the internet. Well, at least for most of us.

And yes, we’re still learning and adjusting to this new reality that has radically changed our society and the way we think and act, but there are rules. They may be unwritten, but they exist. We’ve all witnessed improper techtiquette and gotten annoyed by it.

My personal pet peeves are people who talk very loudly on their phones in public spaces, or who play games/listen to music on their  device without using headphones…

But what about social media and party techtiquette? What happens when Facebook, Twitter and Instagram crash your party? What rules do you live by, and wish others lived by?

Here are a couple of tips from the Wall Street Journal:

1. Don’t clutter up serving areas with smartphones.

2. Avoid capturing bad behavior and tagging the person on Facebook.

3. No elbows on or Skyping at the table!

4. Stack smartphones on the table to force everyone to participate in dinner conversation.

5. Send signals—or scold—to discourage loud phone conversations if you’re the host.

6. Designate a party hashtag to help keep track of party tweets and photos on Instagram.

7. Suggest that guests leave phones in a basket by the door.

8. Ask before creating a public listing of a private residence on Foursquare.

Any more to suggest?

My instagram: Woman in red

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My instagram: World Press Photo 2012

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My instagram: Little girl

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My instagram: Winter wonderland

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