New Expedia campaign by Ogilvy

Expedia’s new series of print ads brilliantly plays on the airport codes displayed on luggage tags when you travel. So creative!

Two Ogilvy UK executives, Jon Morgan and Mike Watson, got inspired while walking through Heathrow airport and seeing a woman with a FUK label on her suitcase. Turns out she was just back from Fukuoka in Japan! That got them thinking that there might be more codes. And they were right. Actually, thousands, as over 9,000 airports around the world, have their own 3-letter IATA code used to identify the destination of bags.

WSH EWE WRE ERE [Brookhaven, Ewer Indonesia, Whangarei, Erave] and SUN SEA SND SEX [Sun Valley, Seattle, Seno, Sembach] are my favorites!










Ad agency: Ogilvy
Copywriter: Jon Morgan
Art director: Mike Watson
ECD: Gerry Human
CD: Paul Mason
CD: Mark Harrison
Design: Mark Osborne
Retouching: Trevor Qizilbash
Traffic: Grant Mason, Peter Nuttal

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